Patterns, shapes, number names and many other new games

Here is the list of all the latest educational games or live worksheets created last week.

The latest educational games cover topics like:

  • Complete the colour pattern
  • Growing Pattern
  • Select the correct 2D shape
  • 3D to 2D matching
  • Select the plane & curved surfaces
  • Fill in the blanks: It is a
  • Listen and learn: Mammals
  • Select the matching number name
  • + or – : Two digit numbers

Several new topics like spices, young ones of animals and landforms have been added.

These games have been added to the following courses:

Educational game or activityCourse Title
Complete the colour patternPatterns
Growing PatternPatterns
Select the correct 2D shapePatterns
3D to 2D matchingShapes
Select the plane & curved surfacesShapes
Fill in the blanks: It is aSentences for beginners
Listen and learn: MammalsEnvironmental Studies 1:Living & non-living,animals,human body, transport and days&months
Select the matching number name3 digit numbers
+ or – : Two digit numbersAddition without carry over
List of educational games and activities and the courses in which they are available

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