Addition without carry over

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This online Maths course about addition without carry over has various interactive activities and educational games. These activities make the concept of addition easy, simple and fun. Addition sums without carry over are a useful steeping stone for learning more complex addition sums. All the addition sums without carry over in this course are such that the student does not have to tackle the complexity of carrying over numbers. The complexity of the problems is gradually increased. Therefore, try to complete the lessons/games in sequence; starting from the first one.

In all the activities of the addition without carry over course, the software will teach the student about the correct answer, when he/she makes a mistake. So, when the student plays the game again, they should be able to answer. There are unlimited number of retries, so encourage the student to play until they get all the answers correct.

Parents and teachers can blend these online learning activities with similar exercises about addition without carry over, which students can solve in their notebooks. Use any addition without carry over worksheet to supplement these interactive worksheets.

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