Maths,Science educational games added in Auguat 2022

New Maths ,Science and English lessons in this mega update

New Maths ,Science and English lessons have been added to E-Learning site.

Some of the courses updated are:

  • Patterns
  • Sentences for beginners
  • Parts of the body
  • Environmental Studies 1:Living & non-living,animals,human body, transport and days&months
  • Life Skills 4
  • Shapes


In Science, simple interactive worksheets have been added about identifying joints and about sense organs. Many simpler games about the human body are already there in More games related to identification of mammals, wild animals and water animals have been added. A game about landforms has also been added. These will help students who want additional games and those who are preparing for school exams of CBSE, State syllabi or NIOS.


In Maths, various number patterns have been added and more games about shapes have been added. Students begin their understanding of data with a simple game called ‘Systematic listing of data’ in which they have to count the number of items of a particular type and create a list of all the items.

Life Skills

In Life skills, a game about following simple instructions has been added. In this game, the student has to listen, comprehend the instructions and execute the steps.


Using ‘may’ or ‘can’ in sentences and starting a sentence with ‘It is a’ are some of the new interactive worksheets added to the course ‘Sentences for beginners’.

Maths,Science and English are the primary focus of this update; although we have added content to the Life skills course as well.

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