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Educational games published in November 2021

Many new online educational games and interactive worksheets were added in November 2021. Educational games are added almost on a daily basis to EdQueries. EdQueries is now a library of approximately 1200 educational games and interactive worksheets activities. This allows parents, teachers and Special educators to choose the appropriate game for the student. Since each topic has games of several types, personalized education becomes easier.

Teachers have access to the ‘Classroom ‘ feature, which allows them to monitor progress and to give access to the appropriate course.

These games have been added based on:

  • requests by Teachers, Special Educators and Parents
  • feedback about the type of educational games which students find interesting
  • availability of new types of educational games

Considering all the above factors, educational games are planned and released for usage.

Courses updated:

  • Numbers: Before and After: Drag and drop and typing games related to understanding the sequence of numbers have been added.
  • Picture Comprehension: In the “Picture Comprehension” course, students have to look at a picture and answer related questions. Here are the latest picture comprehension activities added to the course. To help beginning readers, audio support has been provided so that students can touch the sentences (or hover the mouse) to hear the question and answers. These activities can be used as picture comprehension for grade 1 or higher.
  • Reading Comprehension:Several reading comprehension activities have been added. While other activities in the reading comprehension course have pictures and audio support, these do not have either. So, teachers and parents are requested to try them out first and check whether the student will be able to do these. Also, note that these activities can be enlarged using the zoom feature of the browser or by pressing Ctrl ++ on the keyboard.
  • Time: Here are the latest educational games added to the “Time: Analog and Digital clocks” course. More games related to understanding A.M and P.M will be added soon
  • Hindi Alphabet: Several educational games have been added to the “Hindi Alphabet” course. Learning Hindi vowels and consonants becomes a fun task with these activities.
  • Hindi Vocabulary: Educational games related to counting in Hindi have been added. One of these involves listening to the audio and selecting the matching number.
  • Number names: In these activities, number names have to be arranged in the correct order.
  • Shopping: The “Shopping” course is one of the most popular courses in EdQueries E-learning. 4 more interactive worksheet activities have been added to the course. In these activities, the student has to drag the items (or click arrows) to order them by price. These activities can be enlarged by using the zoom option of the browser or by clicking Ctrl++ on the keyboard.

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Here’s the list of online educational games added in November 2021. Scroll down slowly, to view the entire list.

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