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English, Maths, Science, Life skills, Communication skills and Hindi

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Treasure hunt, jigsaws, memory games, mazes, find the words and many more activities

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Life skills integrated
with education

We don’t want your young one to miss out on the basic lessons of life & we strongly support that they are as important as education is.
Next to Fun, information and brain-storming courses, we also integrate life lessons to our training & make your child
future ready for everything the world could ask for.

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To ensure education is available for one and all, we work with Special educators to create simple, distraction free courses so that children as well as adults with Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, and other Learning and Intellectual disabilities can enjoy our educational games as well.

Available to one and all and on multiple devices

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to everyone

With a wide range of courses, available on all devices, we have students across India and the world. To ensure affordability various subscription options and payment options are available. A free trial is available, prior to the purchase.

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What Our Users Have To Say


Poonam Suryavanshi

I am remedial educator. I am using EdQueries games and activities for my students. It is very interactive and useful to make the concepts clear. Students are enjoying it and also learning a lot. Thank you EdQueries.


From a parent in Gujarat

My son is using Edqueries since a year or more… I must say that it is a brilliantly made software for children with special needs. My son learned lots of concepts through this software, especially English grammar, number’s place value etc. Its easy to use interface keep his interest alive and he is always ready to do the activities in it. I would recommend every parent to try this software once.


From a parent in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

I must say that at the outset, I have to thank you for your effort in developing a new platform for children to learn at their own pace. My daughter has been using EdQueries for past three months and she is quite enjoying the learning process. EdQueries has so much content, children will find it easy to understand the concept rather than by rote learning. The content is structured in such a way that is inclusive and create an individualized learning path. I recommend EdQueries to parents who are looking to provide an easy way to learn concepts that are applied in real life. It is a brilliantly made software for children with special needs.


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