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Welcome to EdQueries; the site focused on Education. Everyone involved with education is always wondering how to make education better. EdQueries primarily focuses on answering that question i.e how can we make Special Education better? How can we ensure education is inclusive, fun and personalized?

Click the button and subscribe to a free 2 weeks trial. The trial will give you access to all the courses in the EdQueries software.

By providing an environment where a child enjoys learning and the parent is assured that the  learning is progressing as per plan, the EdQueries software ensures that Special Education is truly delivered and the  child is gaining knowledge. Added to that, when a Special Educator ( a private tutor or the Special Educator at school) creates and monitors the Learning Plan, one is assured that Special Education is treated with the seriousness that it deserves.

Why do children enjoy learning when using EdQueries?

Because they love playing games. In the EdQueries software, all learning is in the form of short, fun -filled games and activities. Children love winning the games and the appreciation they get. They  learn about the right answer when they go wrong and come back to score more.

Maths, English, Science, Communication skills and Life skills are all important topic in Special Education. These are formally taught at school and by parents at home. But when all that teaching is combined with the fun learning experience of the same subjects using EdQueries; children truly learn.



Ed Queries, makes learning fun and very interactive, my son who is in the spectrum just loves it, especially the appreciation he gets after finishing each game. All the kids I have worked with have enjoyed it as the software has games for all age groups.

Thank You,

Simmi Vasu

Special Educator


From a parent in Gujarat

My son is using Edqueries since a year or more… I must say that it is a brilliantly made software for children with special needs… My son learned lots of concepts through this software, specially english grammar, number’s place value etc. Its easy to use interface keep his interest alive and he is always ready to do the activities in it…

I would recommend every parent to try this software once…

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