Sentences for beginners

Sentences for beginners: New course launched

“Sentences for beginners” is the latest course we have added to the EdQueries E-learning site. For students who are beginning English, the activities in this course will help them construct short and simple sentences. The activities are in the form of:

  • Listen and learn
  • Fill in the blanks

Parents and teachers can follow the sequence of lessons given in the course or jump to any activity or game they want. Note that all the activities or games in EdQueries allow unlimited usage ( as long as you have a subscription or are part of the free 2 weeks trial).

This simple English sentences for beginners course can be combined with other courses such as the “Sight words phrases and sentences” course.

Here is a list of the activities and educational games we have included in the “Sentences for beginners” course.

Here’ the detailed course content. If you have a subscription to EdQueries or have a free trial, you can click the lessons to view them.

Here’ a list of all the courses EdQueries has currently. Several courses are available for students who want to learn English.

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