Featured image of Sight words sentences with is,am and are

New lesson: Sight words sentences with is, am and are

Based on request form a parent, this week we added one more game to the Sight words sentences course.( we prefer calling lesson, games. Children are more likely to be motivated to use e-learning if they are using games and games can be simple or complex. )

In this game, students have to fill the blank by dragging the correct Sight word. If the student wants to hear the sentence he/she can touch the sentence. Even the options can be heard by touching them.

Note that the video in this post also shows how to navigate to the lesson in the new and upgraded EdQueries.com site.

After navigating to ‘My courses’ section, user selects the course and then clicks on the lesson. The lesson opens and the user can hide the sidebar on the left. If a user has already played the lesson, then resume or re-start options appear (like in this video). After completing the lesson, user clicks the ‘Mark complete’ button and the software jumps to the next lesson. To go to any other lesson, user can open the sidebar on the left and choose a lesson. To exit the course, user can click the profile (head) image in the right top corner and navigate to ‘My courses’ section.

This series of sentences is a new addition to the course which has several other similar games of Sight words sentences.

Before starting the ‘Sight words phrases and sentences’ course, students should complete the ‘Sight words’ course which has various games about Sight words and covers all the Dolch Sight words sets.

You can try these courses by registering for the Free trial (click the Free trial button and fill the form). If you have completed the Free trial you can go to the Shop and buy any subscription which includes English.

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