EdQueries E-Learning 6 months subscription

2999 for 6 months

This is a six onthly subscription for the EdQueries E-Learning software.

  • All courses will be available during the subscription period
  • Any new courses and lessons created will be available during the subscription period
  • All lessons can be used unlimited number of times during the subscription period

The all courses monthly subscription gives you access to all the EdQueries online educational games for e-learning with courses across English,Maths,Science,Hindi, Communication skills and Life skills. Students will be able to play educational games across all the courses, as many times as they want, during the subscription period. Students will also be able to play any new educational games and interactive worksheets added during the subscription period.

The course categories of online educational games for e-learning include:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Life Skills
  • Communications skills

The courses have been built to make learning fun. While adding the fun element to ensure that the student enjoys learning and keeps coming back for more, education is the primary focus of all the content.

To minimize distraction visual and audio elements have been kept to the bare minimal. Backgrounds are plain with minimal animations. Minimal audio is used only for instruction and appreciation.

Large fonts and easy-to-read fonts are used in the courses.

To help beginning readers, words and sentences are read out when the word or sentence is touched with a mouse hover or with a finger on a touch screen device.

Unlimited play attempts are supported. Since students may not get everything right the first time, unlimited attempts are allowed for each game.

A huge variety of games are available to ensure learning remains fun and each student can play games which he/she likes.

These online educational games for e-learning can also be used for Special education needs

Students with various special education needs such as Autism Spectrum disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Intellectual disabilities, Learning disabilities such as dyslexia have used these courses. Students with multiple disabilities have also used these courses. is an ideal resource for inclusive education.

Online educational games for e-learning in school and home

These course can be used in school as well as home. In school, teachers can add fun to their classroom by showing these educational games on a laptop, PC or smart board either before of during a lesson they are teaching.

At home, students can login and play the educational games they like or the ones recommended by their teacher as homework.

Make online classes fun with online educational games for e-learning

Ensuring that a student remains attentive in an online class is a challenge for teachers. Designing interactive content can be difficult. Now, with EdQueries online educational games, teachers just have to open in the browser, open a lesson and share their screen. Students will love the educational games and teachers can use them as a basis for teaching the lesson content. They can even recommend some games as homework!

Here is a list of courses included in this subscription:

Subscription required
Featured image of the 'Verbs' course


This course has various educational games and interactive worksheets related to Verbs. Some activities are about sentences with verbs.
Subscription Required
Featured image of the Understanding Fractions course

Understanding Fractions

This course has simple educational games and a listen & learn activity to make it easy for students to understand the concept of fractions.
Subscription required

Expressive Communication

This online course contains lessons about communication involving facial expressions and using words and sentences.
Subscription required

Receptive Communication

This online course covers topics such as initiating conversations, following directions and comprehending.
Subscription required

Non-verbal communication

Subscription required

Hindi Alphabet वर्णमाला

Subscription required

Reading Comprehension Level 1

Subscription required
Featured image of Sight words phrases and sentences course

Sight words phrases and sentences

Subscription required
Featured image of Hammer in Tool lesson in English Vocabulary 4 course

English Vocabulary 4

This online course about English Vocabulary has interactive activities and educational games related to tools and vehicles.
Subscription required
Featured image of the 'Opposites' course


This course has a 'Listen and Learn' activity about opposites and some educational games about opposites.
Subscription required

Punctuation and Capitalization

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