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Managing and monitoring the classroom

This post is about the new ‘Classroom’ feature in, which enables teachers to assign content and monitor their students progress. It enables heads of institutions to create a virtual classroom and assign teachers and students to them. Principal/Headmaster/Headmistress: Manage and monitor all your classrooms The head of the school/centre can create one or more …

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Number names: Play it here

This blog post has two educational games or interactive worksheet activities related to number names in English. The first educational game involves arranging number names from 50-100 (in English), in the correct order. Students can use the arrow keys to move the number names or drag them with a mouse. Multiple attempts are allowed. Click …

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Counting: Educational games and activities

There are several educational games and interactive worksheet activities focused on Counting in Actually, counting is one of the most requested topic. The ‘Counting’ course in has activities which make learning about counting, fun. Whether it is counting for kids or counting math activities for preschoolers, students are more likely to learn if …

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This is an educational game or interactive worksheet about Plurals. In this game, the student has to select the correct label for the picture and drag it on to the picture. There are three labels provided as options to choose. There is a singular, a plural and a misspelt word. To try this activity, sign …

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Facial expressions

Understanding facial expressions and body language are essential communication skills. Facial expression in communication is an important aspect of teaching communication skills. Different facial expressions could mean different things. Understanding these cues is important. Therefore, a specific activity or educational game has been added in EdQueries, related to understanding facial expressions. A screen recording of …

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