educational games published in January 2022

New e-learning games published in January 2022

New e-learning games have been added to the website based on request from parents and teachers. These games will be available to all users who have active subscriptions, including those users who are currently using the free 2 weeks trial. For the free trial, click the button below and fill the form.

Focus of E-Learning games in January 2022 was:

Sight words sentences

Sight words sentences focus on usage of Sight words in sentences. The ‘Sight words‘ course covers the sight words with several games and live worksheets. The usage of ‘Sight words’ is covered in the ‘Sight words phrases and sentences‘ course.

Note that in the new set of e-learning games created in January 2022, the Sight words sentences focus on one or two Sight words. This means that students drag the same words in every sentence, making the ‘game’ very easy. However, our primary focus is on teaching students the usage of the words in sentences. However, we do plan to create question banks which will pick up questions randomly from a set of questions. This will make the students think about the correct Sight word usage before dragging the word into the blank.

Positions such as ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘above’ and ‘below’ have been covered in English previously. Now, these words have been explained in Hindi as well, with various e-learning games and live worksheets.

Time: AM and PM concept

A ‘Listen and learn’ activity has been added, which explains the AM and PM concept. Several games were added related to the same in the previous month.

The courses updated accordingly were:

Here’s the list of educational games published in the month of January 2022:

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