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Educational videos from EdQueries YouTube channel: Top 10

Educational videos posted in the EdQueries YouTube channel are mainly the screen recordings of the educational games and live worksheets of the website.

The videos listed below are the top ten popular videos of the EdQueries YouTube channel. More videos are being continuously added to YouTube and the list of top 10 popular videos is likely to change soon.

Most of the educational videos display few correct answer selections and at least one wrong answer selection. This is to show how the correct answer is displayed when a wrong answer is selected in

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Fill in the blanks: Pronouns

Fill in the blanks: Pronouns

From the course : Pronouns

This educational game shows how pronouns have to be used in a sentence.

Picture Comprehension

Picture Comprehension Game 1

From the course: Picture Comprehension

Students have to view the picture and answer the related question.

Shopping game (up to 20)

Shopping game (up to 20)

From the course: Money

The student has to use the coins and notes displayed to purchase items.

Backward Counting

From the course: Backward counting

The student has to drag the correct stone to allow the boy to jump.

Learn Shapes: Treasure Hunt

Learn Shapes: Treasure Hunt

From the course: Shapes

This game, starts with a screen where the student has to choose the character they want to be (boy or girl). Then, the software tells them to select a shape. There are several shapes displayed and the student has to select the correct shape. Upon selecting the correct shape, they win a virtual ‘gem’. Upon selecting ten gems, they are awarded a ‘treasure chest’.

Sight words sentences: Set 1

Sight words sentences: Set 1

From the course: Sight words phrases and sentences

In this game, students have to drag the correct Sight word to complete the sentence.

Drag the spelling

From the course: Spellings 1

In this game, students have to drag letters to make the word ‘spoken’ by the software when the screen loads.

Listen and learn: Fractions

Listen and learn: Fractions

From the course: Understanding Fractions

This is not an educational game or live worksheet. It is a simple, pictorial and short ‘lecture’ about fractions. On YouTube, the ‘back’ and ‘next’ buttons don’t work but one can still pause the video or rewind and view again. Generally, the subsequent educational games in EdQueries, which are related to the topic, have same pictures. This makes it easier for the students to understand the question. However, different types of pictures are also presented.

Webinar: Making Learning Fun

This video is a webinar named “Making learning fun”. It includes an overview of and explains how to use the software to make learning fun.

Count the Teddy bears

Count the Teddy bears

From the course: Learn Counting

A simple activity, in which the student has to count the Teddy bears and select the correct answer.

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