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Popular online educational games

There are more than 1200 online educational games and live worksheets in, across English, Maths, Science, Hindi, Life skills and Communication skills. The list is growing as we are continuously adding more, based on requests from teachers and parents.

Some games are very popular. This blog post lists a few of them (in no particular order). There are several other games which are popular and they will be presented in other blog posts.

The popularity of educational games could depend on various factors:

Importance of the topic

Topics like ‘Money’ and ‘Shopping’ are extremely important and has specific courses dedicated to them.

How interesting the game is

Some online educational games are more engaging than the others. E.g. Jigsaw puzzles and treasure hunts have a greater fun element than ‘fill in the blanks’ type of activities. Since each student is different, how interesting a certain game is for the student, will also vary.

How pictorial the online educational games are

Most activities in EdQueries have pictures, but some have more text compared to others which have lot of pictures. This is because of the nature of the activity. E.g Word problems have more text but ‘picture comprehension’ games have more pictures.


Since most activities in EdQueries are in the form of games, students enjoy winning the games. Some games are easier to win. However, sometimes students want the game to be challenging. So, the game should neither be too easy nor too difficult.

It’s tough to guess the reasons behind the popularity of certain games. Let’s just get to the list of popular games.

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