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Sight words phrases and sentences utilize the knowledge gained in the ‘Sight words’ course to teach basic reading to the students. Sight words are the most frequently used words in the English language. Once students have mastered Sight words, they can start reading simple sentences made primarily of Sight words. By putting sight words together and frame phrases and sentences, students can improve their reading speed and comprehension. 

Try out the different sets of sight words phrases and sentences given below to read more fluently. These sight words sentences worksheets are an excellent way for parents to teach their children at home. 


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Sight words Phrases 

Sight words Phrases are short sentences rather than just words in isolation. Example: go eat food, come down here etc.

We give multiple opportunities to students to practice and recognize sight words phrases through educational games and fun activities. Two sets of exercises are made available under this subhead. Under these, you are required to listen and drag the said words into the box to make a phrase. After that, click the submit button. You may click on the audio icon to hear the words again.

Sight words Sentences

Once the student is done with sight words phrases, he/she can further advance to the next level. Now, the student can put together words to form sight words sentences. For example: It was a long day, I ate an egg etc.

The lesson covers the following activities:

Sight words sentences sets

In these activities, the student is supposed to answer by dragging the suitable sight word in the given blank to form a sentence. You can also hear the options by placing the cursor over them.


Here, you have to drag and drop words to rearrange each sentence into its correct order. A menu at the bottom left is made available to help you to start again and submit answers directly. You can even see the time taken to complete the exercise and all the right answers submitted at the end of the game.

Form a Sentence 

In this game, drag and drop the words into the boxes to create a sentence. You can also touch the words to hear them. Feel free to review the quiz after completing it.

Fill in the blanks 

Under this, read the given sentences and drag the letter to the box that rightly spells the sight word. Once done, click the submit button.

Such worksheets and activities make learning more interesting and fun. Multiple attempts and audio support has also been provided for better understanding.