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Dec21 games: Wh questions worksheets,Time,counting backwards

Several new educational games and interactive worksheets have been added in December 2021, including ’Wh’ worksheets and games related to Time concept.

All the games and interactive worksheets are available for teachers. Teachers have access to the ‘Classroom’ feature, which allows them to monitor progress and to give access to the appropriate course.

These new games have been added based on:

  • requests by Teachers, Special Educators and Parents
  • feedback about the type of educational games which students find interesting
  • availability of new types of educational games

Courses updated:

All the new educational games and interactive worksheets are available in the 2 weeks free trial for new users to try. If your trial is over, select an appropriate product from the list at the end of this post.

‘Wh’ questions worksheets

More ‘Wh’ question worksheets have been added to the course. ‘Wh’ word questions with answers have been provided with pictures. Some ‘Wh’ questions exercises worksheets have multiple ‘Wh’ questions for a simple paragraph. Students have to read the paragraph and answer ‘who’ and ‘when’ questions or ‘who’ and ‘what’ questions after reading the paragraph. Read the previous blog post ‘Wh’ questions worksheet activity: Play it here to learn more.

Tell the time: Analog and Digital clocks

This course has also been updated. The concept of A.M and P.M have been covered with some educational games.

Backward Counting

On request of a special educator, few new activities have been added. In these activities ,the student has to drag the correct number in the sequence, into a blank.

To try these educational games, click the button below to sign up for a free, 2weeks trial of all the courses and games.

Here’s the list of online educational games added in December 2021. Scroll down slowly, to view the entire list.

To access these educational games and interactive worksheet activities, you can choose an appropriate product from this list:

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