Multiplication table of 2 game

Multiplication tables

Multiplication tables are very useful and important. But they have to be learnt by heart and this can be quite difficult and boring for many students. Given below are the courses which help learning the tables fun and simple.

Actually, you can play the typing game ,right here in this post( if you want to know how to play this, scroll down and view the video):

These courses have the following types of games and interactive worksheet activities:

Listen and learn: In these kind of activities, the multiplication table is narrated. For example, the multiplication table of 7 is narrated in the Listen and Learn: Multiplication table of 7 activity. These are provided so that the student can refresh his/her memory of the multiplication table prior to attempting the other games and activities.

Here are videos of other types of activities.

Drag and Drop: In this activity, the student has to read the multiplication sum and drag the correct answer to a target area. For example, in the game related to multiplication table of 2, the correct answer has to be dragged into a rocket

Multiple items drag and drop or matching:
Cards with multiplication questions have to be dragged to the matching card on the other side.

Typing cards:
A series of cards are displayed and the student has to type the answer to the multiplication sum by typing in the correct answer.

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The student can easily learn a multiplication table by playing these games and activities. All of these can be played unlimited number of times.

After multiplication, one can move on to the “Division” course.

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