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Few simple educational Maths games

Here a few simple, educational Maths games selected from the e-learning courses in EdQueries. First of all, you can call these interactive worksheets, but in EdQueries, we prefer to call them ‘games’. The very word ‘games’ motivates students to try them. A motivated student is likely to learn more and will seek more content. So, you may even want to call them educational math video games!

So, here’s the first educational game. It is related to Subtraction. The student has to solve the subtraction ‘sums’ and move the question card to the answer card. After completing all the ‘sums’ , the student has to click the ‘Check’ button. The answers are then marked as right or wrong. A ‘Retry’ button allows multiple attempts. The ‘Show Solution’ button shows the correct answer.

Students can solve the ‘sums’ separately in a notebook and then answer or solve them mentally.

Note that these are just examples of the usage of these games for Maths. Simpler Maths problems and different varieties are provided in the courses in EdQueries. View the courses listed below and use the ‘Free Trial’ button to play (after you have signed up for the free trial).

You can play this game right here. Go ahead, give it a try.

In case you want to enlarge the game, use the Zoom option of your browser ( Press the Control key and then press the + button twice. Read this link to know more about zooming in Google Chrome. Other browsers will work in similar fashion.

Here’s another educational game. It works just like the one above. But, this one is about adding 4. You can play it here. GIve it a try.

Here’s a different type of educational game or interactive worksheet. In this game, the student has to type the answer. Type the answer and click the ‘Check’ button for immediate feedback. Once the feedback is given , the next card is displayed. After all the cards are done, the results are displayed.

Yes, you can play this one also. Right here!

To play many more such games, just click the ‘Free trial’ button below. Then, fil the form and sign up. No cash or card is required.

Did you go to the second page of the Maths courses list? Done? Ok. The courses are available as part of these products:

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