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Screenshot from an activity in the Fractions course

A new course called ‘Fractions’ has been added to EdQueries E-Learning software. It has simple activities which help the student understand the concept of fractions.

Here’s a recording one of the activities:

How to access the ‘Fractions’ course:

To use this and other activities related to fractions, you may subscribe to the 2-weeks free trial ( no credit card or payment required) by clicking any of these courses:

Existing subscribers can use the activities by navigating to the ‘Fractions’ course after logging in into EdQueries.


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Understanding price

Screenshot of the MRP activity

This simple interactive activity teaches is one of the initial activities in the ‘Shopping’ section of the ‘Life Skills’ course. Students learn that they have to look at the label and know the price of things they want to purchase. Other activities in the ‘Shopping’ section of the ‘Life Skills course 1’ are:

  • Comparing costs while buying
  • Select the cheapest item
  • Select the costliest item
  • Shopping game

To use this activity or other interactive games and activities choose any of the following. 2-weeks free trial ( no card or payment required) is available.

Existing subscribers can go to the ‘Life Skills 1’ course. As long as the subscription is active, existing subscribers get access to all the content in the EdQueries E-Learning software.

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The shapes treasure hunt

A treasure hunt game has been added to the ‘Shapes’ course. This game helps the student learn about 2D shapes.

It has 2 levels. The first level has one shape amongst other objects. The second level has 2 shapes amongst various objects. The student has to select 1 shape on every screen in both the levels.

To try this game, click on the ‘Free trial’ button on the home page of or go to .

Existing subscribers can go to the ‘Shapes course to play this game.

The ‘Shapes’ course is available to subscribers of the following:

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Counting backwards game

This is a part of the Counting backwards game. The student has to drag a stone to allow the boy to jump. In case the wrong stone is dragged, the boy looks disappointed and the software places the correct stone.

Initially response from our students has been positive, so we plan to go ahead and add more. Feedback from some students is always gathered before publishing more games of the same type. Also, to teach the same concept other games are added, just in case some students do not prefer a certain type of game. As usual, this game is also linked to the Learning Plan. So, if a teacher adds the concept of ‘counting backwards’ to a student’s Learning Plan, then the plan is updated as soon as the student plays this game.

One of the reasons for taking feedback and providing other games for a certain concept is to ensure that children with Special needs do not face any problems due to visual perception challenges or any other reason. In this video music has been added, but the actual game doesn’t have the music and audio is limited to game instructions and feedback.

To play this or other games, opt for the Free trial ( no card or payment required) by choosing any of the below options:

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Friends and Not friends: a pictorial activity

A screen recording of an activity related to Friendship


This activity is part of the Life Skills 3 course. Several activities have been added around the concept of friendship. This is one of the pictorial activities. Looking at the pictures the student has to state which picture matches the label and drag the label under the appropriate label.

To try this activity go to the Life Skills 3 course.

If you are not an existing subscriber,click on Free trial ( No payment or Credit card is required for the free trial) on the home page or click on any of these:

All courses subscription for 12 months

All courses monthly subscription


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New activity : Set the Time

In this activity the student has to move the hour hand to set the stated time. The user can touch and move the hand on a tablet device or use the mouse to drag the hand.

If the answer is incorrect, the correct answer is displayed.

This activity has been added to the “Time” topic in the “Maths Instruction Level 3” course.

Existing subscribers can use the activity.

Others can use the free trial by clicking any of these:

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New activity added :Match the ordinal numbers

New activities have been added in the topic “Ordinal numbers” of the “Maths Instruction 3 course”.

Match the ordinal numbers and their names

The student has to match the numeric ordinal numbers on the left with the ordinal numbers written as words, on the right. If any match is incorrect, the software shows the correct answers.

Match Ordinal numbers

Select First, Second or Third

The other activity is about selecting the first, second or third person or thing shown in the picture.

Select 1st,2nd

Other activities which involve selecting the first or last item are also part of the section.

Existing subscribers can play these activities now.

Others can use the Free trial option or subscribe to the course using these links :

All courses subscription for 12 months

All courses monthly subscription

Maths Instruction Level 3


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New courses launched

The following new courses have been launched:

  • Nouns
  • Adjectives
  • Multiplication by 2 and 3

These courses are included in the following subscriptions, which include a free trial ( No payment is collected until the trial period is over):

The courses are also available separately:

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Motivating with badges

Badges are given to children as they complete games and activities related to a topic in the EdQueries E-learning site. The badges are displayed in the user’s profile, on the dashboard and within the course. The main idea of the badges is to motivate the children.

Badges won by the user are displayed in the user’s profile

Badges inside the course

The question we asked ourselves, when creating the badges, was whether children would understand the significance of the badges, especially if the children are very young.

An interesting answer was provided by a Special Educator. “Parents like motivation too. They would be proud of the child’s achievements.”

That rung true. Parents are proud of their child’s achievements and it does give great satisfaction to collect the badges.

Once the child starts realising the significance of a prize, a medal; he or she is proud of all the medals won in the past as well.

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