Maths monthly subscription

299 / month

A monthly subscription for all the courses in the Maths course category that allows the enrolled students to use all the online educational games in these courses.

Numbers from 1-10, numbers from 1-20, numbers from 1-50 and numbers from 50-100 are the topics covered in this course. This course has various educational games and interactive worksheets related to E-learning of Counting in the Maths category.

Types of Educational games

Various types of educational games have been provided in this E-Learning course for teaching counting. To begin with there are games which just focus on the difference between more or less in quantity using selection of pictures showing various quantities. Then, there are other games which focus on counting the number of items displayed and selecting an answer. There are also games where a given number of items have to be dragged. To ensure that the student can identify the number there are several educational games related to matching of numbers. This E-learning course also has content such as counting of tally marks and counting of blocks. To  allow the Maths teachers and parents to blend this content with regular teaching activities at home or school, counting of dice and counting of coins have been provided. Parents or Teachers can show similar items physically and ask the student to count.

For students with Special Needs

Since EdQueries E-Learning content is also used by students with Special needs, the content has been created with careful consideration of Special needs. For students with special needs, the content has been chunked into small portion and the games have been kept short. Background sounds have been kept minimal and there are no unnecessary visuals. These will help minimize distractions. Font sizes are large. Students with AHD,ADD, Autism, other Intellectual disabilities and those with Learning disabilities will find it easier to learn form this E-Learning course.



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