Multiplication table of 2 game

Multiplication tables

Multiplication tables are very useful and important. But they have to be learnt by heart and this can be quite difficult and boring for many students. Given below are the courses which help learning the tables fun and simple. Actually, you can play the typing game ,right here in this post( if you want to …

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Featured image of the number names blog post

Number names: Play it here

This blog post has two educational games or interactive worksheet activities related to number names in English. The first educational game involves arranging number names from 50-100 (in English), in the correct order. Students can use the arrow keys to move the number names or drag them with a mouse. Multiple attempts are allowed. Click …

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Featured image of blog post:Counting: Educational games and activities

Counting: Educational games and activities

There are several educational games and interactive worksheet activities focused on Counting in Actually, counting is one of the most requested topic. The ‘Counting’ course in has activities which make learning about counting, fun. Whether it is counting for kids or counting math activities for preschoolers, students are more likely to learn if …

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Screenshot of an educational maze game

Mazes as educational games

As we continue building e-learning courses and interactive worksheets for our students, we constantly try to introduce more educational games which children will enjoy ( our experience tells us that our adult students also enjoy games). Recently, we have been working on creating Mazes. Typically, mazes involve starting from one corner of the maze, navigating …

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