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Most popular E-Learning courses of EdQueries

Here’s a list of the most popular E-Learning courses of Across the subject categories of English, Maths, Science, Hindi, Life skills and Communication skills; these are the most popular amongst our users.

Both children as well as adults use While children use EdQueries for learning school subjects and to learn the basic concepts while having fun; adults use it for learning pre-vocational skills.

All these courses (actual the entire content of is available in the free 2 weeks trial. Click the button below to sign up:

  • Sight words
  • ‘Wh’ questions
  • Sight words sentences
  • Picture Comprehension
  • Reading Comprehension
  • English Vocabulary 2
  • English Vocabulary 3
  • English Alphabet
  • Addition without carry over
  • Size
  • Ascending and descending order
  • Compare Bigger and Smaller, More or Less
  • Learn Counting
  • Shopping
  • Environmental Studies 1:Living & non-living, animals, human body, transport and days & months
  • Environmental Studies 2:Solar system, Birds, Family, Festivals
  • Life skills 3
  • Expressive communication

More details of all these courses are given below:

Hope you have seen all the 20 courses listed above. If not, scroll up again and let them load.

There are several products available in the EdQueries shop. Some of the popular ones are listed below. The all courses subscriptions are the most popular ones as they give unlimited access to all the educational games and live worksheets in EdQueries E-Learning. There are currently 1200 + educational games and live worksheets in and more are being added regularly.

The all courses subscriptions are available as monthly, six-monthly and annual subscriptions.

Bundle packs are also available. E.g. there is an English and Maths bundle pack.

To view more products, click this link: EdQueries shop

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