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Number names: Play it here

This blog post has two educational games or interactive worksheet activities related to number names in English.

The first educational game involves arranging number names from 50-100 (in English), in the correct order. Students can use the arrow keys to move the number names or drag them with a mouse. Multiple attempts are allowed.

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To increase the size of the game, press the ‘Control’ key on the keyboard and then the ‘plus’ key, twice. You can also use the browser settings to zoom in.

You can play this game right here, in this blog post.

The second game in this post is a crossword. Hints are given for down and across are given as numbers. The students have to fill the related number names in English in the crossword boxes. Multiple attempts are allowed. You can play this game right here:

(In case the crossword is too large in size you can zoom out using the ‘Control’ key and pressing the ‘minus’ key twice)

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