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Managing and monitoring the classroom

This post is about the new ‘Classroom’ feature in, which enables teachers to assign content and monitor their students progress. It enables heads of institutions to create a virtual classroom and assign teachers and students to them.

Principal/Headmaster/Headmistress: Manage and monitor all your classrooms

Screen shot of the Classroom management screen of
View of all the classes created and a classrooms report for the Principal

The head of the school/centre can create one or more virtual classrooms and assign teachers and students to the classrooms. For each classroom the head can then assign specific courses and a certain number of students. These virtual classrooms could be similar to the physical classrooms or different. EdQueries assigns a certain number of seats to the school, which can then be filled up by the head of the school. The head then can create the virtual classrooms ( in the above picture we have named them as Demo, NewMaths and Primary Maths; but they could as well be Section A , B and C.

  • Add a classroom: Just click ‘Manage classroom’ to add or delete a classroom.
  • Add students to a classroom: Click ‘Manage students’ to add a student. Student’s email or full name is not required.
  • Assign appropriate courses to each classroom: Click ‘Manage Courses’ and select courses appropriate for the classroom.
  • Monitor progress of the classroom: Click the + icon to expand the report of each classroom and view the classroom’s progress
  • Send emails to all students in a classroom: If email addresses have been provided, then an email can be sent to students.

Teacherrs:Choose courses for your classroom

The ‘Classroom’ feature in allows teachers to select courses for their virtual classroom. This ensures that students see only those courses which are appropriate for them.

Just select courses from the ‘Available Courses’ list and move them to the ‘Active Courses’ list.

(The courses displayed in the ‘Available Courses’ list are those which have been selected by your school’s Principal/ Headmaster)

Screenshot of Course management screen.

Teachers: Monitor your student’s progress

Teacher’s can monitor the student’s progress. The teacher can see when the student logged in and which course he/she accessed. The teacher can also check which lessons/games were completed.

Further, the teacher can ‘lock’ access to a particular lesson/game in the course. Such a feature is useful if the teacher doesn’t want the student to start the lesson or play the game since it’s not be covered in school yet.

Screenshot of a student's course report from
Student’s course report

So, while students are playing the educational games in in school and at home, teachers can monitor progress. Monitoring progress helps teachers plan each student’s learning and personalize learning. Learning plans can thus be implemented in EdQueries

How to get this feature?

To get this feature and know more about it Whatsapp/Call +91 762495070. You will get a free trial of the feature for 2 weeks.

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