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Days of the week : Play it here

Continuing with sequences (view the previous post about sequences), here is one more.

This is an interactive days of the week ‘worksheet’ activity. To play this game, the student has to drag and move the days in the correct order. Sunday should be on top of the list. The arrows next to each day of the week can also be used to place the days in the correct sequence.

This activity can help children memorize the 7 days of the week in English

More days of the week sequencing activities are available in the ‘Days, months and Calendar‘ course.

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Play this game here, in this blog post and leave your comments. Suggest what else can be made using this type of activity.

Note that this type of game, doesn’t have built in audio. So, students are expected to be able to read.

However, one could use a Narrator software (available in the Windows Operating system)

To enlarge the sentences, just use the ‘Control’ key and press the ‘plus’ button twice to use the Zoom feature of the browser. Alternatively, directly use the Zoom setting of the browser.

Another activity related to days of the week is this ‘Find the words’ activity. The student has to search for all the days in the grid of letters.

The ‘Retry’ button can be used to play the game again.

Here’s one more sequence of sentences activity you can play right here in this post:

Many more activities related to days of the week are available in the course given below. Here’s a video recording of one of the activities from the course:

Screen recording of the Calendar quiz.( Click the EdQueries icon to subscribe to the EdQueries YouTube channel.

Note: The above screen recording was covered in a previous blog post.

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