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Learn Hindi varnamala (alphabet)with fun

Learn Hindi varnamala ( Hindi alphabet or Hindi barakhadi) with fun using simple educational games and live worksheets. For anyone starting a new language learning the alphabet is a must, but it can be a daunting task. Remembering each of the Hindi alphabet letters and the sounds they are associated with, requires practice. To make the task simple, easy and fun; EdQueries has created several educational games and live worksheets. There are Hindi alphabets with pictures so that it is easy for visual learners to remember the letters.

Currently, there are two courses in Hindi in EdQueries. More will be added soon.

This post is about the Hindi Alphabet course. This course covers both Hindi vowels and Hindi consonants with various lessons.

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Types of lessons in Hindi Alphabet course:

Listen and learn Hindi varnamala (Hindi alphabet)

In this type of lessons, a few Hindi vowels or Hindi consonants are displayed and the audio ‘speaks’ the letter. Students can touch the letter ( on iPad, mobile phone or or Tablets) or hover the mouse on the letter. The lessons have Hindi letters with pictures of words which start with the letter. If required, the student can go back to the previous screen to view the Hindi letter and picture again.

Listen and select the Hindi varnamala

In the ‘listen and select’ type of educational game, students have to listen to the audio and select the matching letter. Three Hindi letters are displayed as options and one of them is the correct answer. If the student selects the wrong answer, the correct answer is displayed.

Select all the matching Hindi letters

In this educational game, one Hindi letter , a Hindi vowel or Hindi consonant, is displayed on top. Below the letter, several letters are displayed and the student has to select all the matching letters.

Treasure hunt of Hindi letters

In this game, the student goes on a treasure hunt. On each screen, the audio asks the student to look for a particular letter. Several other objects or letters are also displayed on the screen. So, the student has to carefully ‘hunt’ for the letter and select the correct Hindi letter. If a wrong letter or object is selected, the correct answer is displayed. This is a simple and fun game to learn Hindi letters.

Pop the balloon with matching Hindi letter

In these educational games, several balloons with Hindi letters appear in the sky. Below them a train is moving. Each wagon of the train has a Hindi letter displayed on it. Students have to pop the matching balloons, so that the correct Hindi letter falls into the wagon.

With so many simple and fun educational games, learning Hindi alphabet (Hindi varnamala or Hindi barakhadi) becomes easy.

Teachers and parents can blend these EdQueries games with traditional teaching methods used for Hindi varnamala or Hindi barakhadi. Books with Hindi alphabet and pictures can be used alongwith similar games from EdQueries.

Here’s the list of all the Hindi lesson in the Hindi alphabet course. Scroll down slowly so that all the lessons can load.

Hope you have seen the entire list of lessons in the course. If you haven’t just scroll back up and let the list load.

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