Place the stone game to learn backward counting

Backward counting: Sequences made fun

Sequences and counting, or counting backwards, are some of the most frequent learning activities that a student is supposed to know and solve. Sequences and counting activities could be :

  • telling the next number which comes after 1,2,3
  • or the letter after A,B,C
  • skip counting or
  • a sequential pattern of numbers.

All these activities require a student to understand the sequential pattern and predict the next number, letter or item in the sequence.

In the paper world, these sequences would be printed and the student has to fill in the missing number or letter.

But in the world of online activities, we can add some fun. Instead of presenting the activity in the same way as it is depicted on paper, how about the one below? An initial screen will tell you what is expected in the game; then you can drag the stone with a mouse or if you have a touch screen device such as a Tab, drag the stone with your finger.

Screen recording of the ‘Place the stone game: Count backwards from 100’ game

This game is part of the ‘Counting backwards’ course.

This game could be used along with the counting backwards worksheets given in books. Whether it’s backward counting from 100 to 1 or backward counting from 50, learning can be fun if it’s converted to such a game.

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