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Reading comprehension: Sentences

Before playing the game below, please use the browser’s Zoom function to enlarge the page. Using the Control Key and pressing + twice should help.

Then, play this game. You can play it right here.

The student has to drag the correct word to fill the blank.

To be able to complete each of these sentences, the student should:

  • read each sentence
  • comprehend what the sentence means
  • read all the words available to fill in the blank
  • again read the sentence and consider the best word for filling the blank
  • finally, drag the word into the blank and read the sentence again to ensure that the sentence makes sense.

This and many more are being added to the Reading Comprehension course.

Such interactive reading comprehension worksheets are useful exercises for students. Exercises of reading comprehension for grade 1 or reading comprehension for class 2 can contain such an exercise.

Apart from such activities in books, interactive worksheets and educational games can be blended to make classroom learning fun.

Of course, there are more pictorial activities with sentences and passages in the Reading Comprehension course in EdQueries, which make the activity simpler and fun; but there is place for some plain ones as well. While other activities have pictorial as well as audio support, this one has no audio support or pictures to provide context.

Here’s a screen recording of one with audio support.

In this game/interactive activity, the student has to select a word similar to the highlighted word.

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There are several other activities related to understanding sentences and passaged in the ‘Reading Comprehension Level 1’ course.

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