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Facial expressions

Understanding facial expressions and body language are essential communication skills. Facial expression in communication is an important aspect of teaching communication skills. Different facial expressions could mean different things. Understanding these cues is important.

Therefore, a specific activity or educational game has been added in EdQueries, related to understanding facial expressions.

A screen recording of the activity is given below.

In this activity, for each picture displayed, the student has to find out what that expression means and select the correct option. If the student selects the wrong answer, the correct answer is displayed.

Some pictures include body language cues, as understanding emotions involves body language and contextual cues as well.

This activity would also be useful for children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Children on the ASD spectrum can have difficulty reading facial expressions ( as studied by Liu et al ). Special educators and parents might want to use this kind of activity.

Along with other interactive activities and educational games in the ‘Communication skills’ category, this activity adds tremendous value to communication skills training.

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For more about the importance of facial expressions read this article.

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