English monthly subscription

299 / month for 24 months

A monthly subscription for all the courses in the English courses category that allows the enrolled students to use all the online educational games in these courses.

View these videos to see screen recordings from various educational games.

Features of our English Courses Subscription:

  • Educational games to keep the student motivated ( many students actually demand more such games!)
  • Wide coverage of topics. From English alphabet, phonics, sight words, sentences and grammar to reading comprehension
  • Immediate feedback provided when a wrong answer is given
  • Simple, distraction free educational games and live worksheets
  • Access on any device ( mobile, desktop, iPad, Tablet or laptop)
  • Variety of educational games and worksheets to decrease boredom
  • Full time access of all content of the English courses during the subscription period
  • Access all new content added during your subscription period. We regularly add new content to EdQueries.


Why EdQueries? Know what makes EdQueries different

The English courses have been built to make learning fun. While adding the fun element to ensure that the student enjoys learning and keeps coming back for more, education is the primary focus of all the content.

To minimize distraction visual and audio elements have been kept to the bare minimal. Backgrounds are plain with minimal animations. Minimal audio is used only for instruction and appreciation.

Large fonts and easy-to-read fonts are used in all the level of English course.

To help beginning readers, words and sentences are read out when the word or sentence is touched with a mouse hover or with a finger on a touch screen device.

Unlimited play attempts are supported. Since students may not get everything right the first time, unlimited attempts are allowed for each game.

A huge variety of games are available to ensure learning remains fun and each student can play games which he/she likes. For example, educational games like jigsaw puzzles are made available under the vocabulary topics to enhance the memory skills of students. Students can take part in more such interesting games to learn words related to colours, birds, food, vegetables, furniture, toys, shapes, nature and landforms, tools, vehicles and more.

These online educational games for e-learning can also be used for Special education needs

Students with various special education needs such as Autism Spectrum disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, Intellectual disabilities, Learning disabilities such as dyslexia have used this subscription pack of English. Students with multiple disabilities have also used this. EdQueries.com is an ideal resource for inclusive education.

For Teachers

Teachers can use the ‘Classroom’ feature to monitor the progress of students. Simple and fun homework can now be provided in the form of educational games and live worksheets. The ‘Classroom’ feature allows teachers and Special educators to view a report of the lessons completed by the students. Teachers can also lock a particular lesson, so that students can play it only after the teacher has taught the lesson. To personalize education, teachers and Special educators can allocate only certain courses to a student so that the student can focus on only those courses which are required. The ‘Classroom’ feature is provided on request and is provided to teachers and Special educators who wish to monitor progress of the student. Read this blog post about the ‘Classroom feature in EdQueries, to know more.


  • The courses can be viewed on any device. You can use a device such as:
    • a desktop PC or
    • laptop or
    •  iPad or Tablet device
    • mobile phone
  • Headphones or speakers to hear the pronunciations clearly
  • No previous knowledge of English required – this pack is geared for absolute beginners

This subscription provides access to all the courses in the English category. 





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