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CVC words


CVC words (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant combinations) are taught in this course with various educational games and interactive worksheets. There are fill in the missing letter games, match the word with picture games and various other educational games focussed on making learning CVC words fun.

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Also learn Sight words and their usage in sentences with these courses:

Sight words

Get lifetime access to the "Sight words" course. Students love playing the educational games and interactive activities in this course. They learn to listen and select the correct word, play memory games with sight words, match them and find the words in a grid. Several such activities have been provided for each set of sight words, so that students master each set of sight words. Each activity can be played as many times as the student wants. While the activities have been set in a sequence, the teacher or parent can ask the student to start anywhere. Learning is fun with the variety of activities provided in this course.

Sight words phrases and sentences

Students learn usage of Sight words in this course. They start by listening to phrases and drag the matching words into blanks. Then, there are sentences with blanks. Students have to fill in the blank by dragging and dropping an appropriate Sight word into the blank. Appropriate pictures have been provided to help the students understand the sentences. Most of the sentences provide audio support. Students can touch the sentence ( or hover a mouse over it) to her the sentence and the choices.

After completing the Sight words course, this course helps the students understand the usage of words in simple sentences.

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The activities in this course are available under these headings:

  • CVC words with a
  • CVC words with e
  • More CVC words

In case any new activities are added** to this course, you will get access to those as well.

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** We often add new activities to courses, but there is no guarantee that new activities will be added. Factors like demand from customers for new activities and number of customers using the course will impact decisions to add new content to a course.

Concepts covered

Consonant, Vowel, Consonant combination words

Devices supported

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