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Find the words: a simple, fun educational game

Of the several types of educational games available in EdQueries.com E-learning, ‘Find the words’ is extremely popular.

In the ‘Find the words’ educational game, the student has to look for words in the grid of letters. Multiple attempts are allowed. But with every new attempt the letters are re-aligned. So, the student has to search the words again, carefully.

The student has to look at the list of words on the left and find them in the grid of letters.

To make the educational game easy, the words are only provided vertically and horizontally in the grid. There are no words printed diagonally, right -to-left or upside down.

Here are some examples selected from various courses. You can play these here. Or you can get a free trial of EdQueries. If your free trial is over, select a subscription from here.

Find the words: Game 4 (Sight words List 10)

Find the words: Days

Find the words: Domestic animals

Other examples of ‘Find the word’ games:


Some courses where you can find these games are listed below:

  • Sight words

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