Select all living things activity

New lesson: Select all the living things

A new lesson named ‘Select all the living things’ has been added to the course ‘Environmental Studies 1’.

In this simple, interactive activity, the student has to look at the pictures displayed and select all the living things.

A ‘Retry’ button allows the student to play again. There is no limit on the number of tries.

A ‘Show solution’ button displays the correct answers.

Try the activity now. Go ahead, click the pictures and then click the ‘Check’ button.

Many more of this type of lessons will be added soon, if we get positive feedback from parents and teachers. This type of game could be used in various courses. E.g. the vocabulary courses could ask the student to select all the pictures displaying tables. The counting courses in Maths could ask the student to select all the pictures which show 5 items.

However, this type of lesson doesn’t have audio support unlike the majority of our lessons. So, in case the student can’t read the question, a parent or teacher would have to help.

We can add many more such lessons, based on feedback from parents and teachers. So, try this activity and leave a comment.

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