Featured image of the 'Plurals' course showing singular and plural images


This is an educational game or interactive worksheet about Plurals. In this game, the student has to select the correct label for the picture and drag it on to the picture. There are three labels provided as options to choose. There is a singular, a plural and a misspelt word.

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This helps students to learn about singular and plural words. The activity focusses only on very simple plural words so that students understand the pattern generally used to convert the singular to the plural word.

There are other activities available in the ‘Plurals‘ course.

(Note that this was previously included in a course called ‘English Grammar 1 which included other topics such as Opposites and Prepositions. That course has been removed and it’s content has been moved to separate course.

This activity can be blended with other activities in books, used in the classroom or at home. Singular Plural concept can also be taught using actual objects and asking the student to use the correct word for it.

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