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Our Most Popular Courses

Here are some of our courses which students and teachers have been using again, and again and again…

Screenshot of an educational game aboutShopping


This course has various educational games related to shopping such as payment by cash and card, finding the cheapest item, locating items in a super store, expiry date and getting the change.

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Screenshot of Drop the odd one in the basket educational game

Identifying objects, lines, shapes and letters

In this online English course, students have to identify lines, shapes and letters. Various educational games and interactive activities are available in the course to make learning fun.

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Featured image of the Learn Counting course. The course has educational games for learning counting.

Learn Counting

Numbers from 1-10, numbers from 1-20, numbers from 1-50 and numbers from 50-100 are the topics covered in this course.

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Classify Same or Different

‘Place in the correct category’ and ‘similar things’ are the topics in this E-Learning course. Students can use the various educational games and interactive worksheets to learn these while having fun.

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Featured image of the course Compare bigger and smaller, more or less

Compare Bigger and Smaller, More or Less

This course has games which required students to look at pictures at find out which picture has more or less items or which object is bigger.

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Lines and shapes

This online Maths course teaches students about various shapes including some 3D shapes. Various interactive activities and educational games such as a treasure hunt of shapes are used to make learning fun.

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Featured image of the Sight words course

Sight Words

This course has various games and activities related to Sight words. Students practice various Sight words and memorize them using a variety of educational games.

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In this online Maths course students learn about size. Students learn about comparing sizes to select the longest, tallest and the heaviest item.

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In this online Maths course, students have to identify patterns and remove the odd-one-out.

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This online course about money has various educational games about identification of money, addition of money and shopping using notes and coins.

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Days, Months and Calendar

Learn days of the week and months of the year with educational games and interactive worksheets such as yesterday,today,tomorrow game and last month, next month game. Learn about the calendar while having fun with our simple educational games.

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Rhyming words train educational game

Rhyming Words

This online English course teaches students about rhyming words through educational games like train games where the student is required to drag the rhyming word to the given word in a train and other fun activities.

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English Vocabulary 1

This online course of English vocabulary aims to help students learn the basic English words related to colours. Listen and learn, matching and selection activities have been provided alongwith several other educational games.

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Place the stone game to learn backward counting

Backward Counting

Backward counting has been made simple through this online Maths course. Play educational games such as sequence game, place the stone game and what comes before to learn backward counting.

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Measurement in terms of length and height is made easy through this online course using various exercises and interesting activities. The topics covered under this course are tools, length and height.

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What comes before the number 0-10 game

Numbers: Before and After

This online Maths course teaches students about what comes before and after a specific number. Interactive worksheet activities include dragging and typing numbers before and after. Dragging numbers into a caterpillar makes the activities fun and interesting.

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Place value of numbers using blocks and dots game

Place value

Learn the place value concept with this interesting online Maths course. Educational games and worksheets like drag and drop place value game, type the number, select place value and count blocks & dots make learning simple and fun.

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Feature image of the number names course

Number Names

Learn the names of numbers in small sets. Number names till hundred have been covered here using worksheets and educational games like matching, find the number and order the number names.

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Addition upto 10

In this course about addition upto 10, there are various activities and games related to addition. There are counting games, typing games, word problems and matching games.

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Subtraction upto 5

This course has educational games about subtraction upto 5. Subtraction with pictures, with pictures and numbers and word problems are included.

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Education that matters, education that is inclusive

Created and update continuously based on feedback from students, parents, teachers and Special educators

this is a growing library of educational games made with care to suit the needs of all students.

#1. Life skills integrated with education.

We don’t want your young one to miss out on the basic lessons of life & we strongly support that they are as important as education is. Next to Fun, information and brain-storming courses, we also integrate life lessons to our training & make your child future ready for everything the world could ask for.

#2. Inclusive education

To ensure education is available for one and all, we work with Special educators to create simple, distraction free courses so that children as well as adults with Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, and other Learning and Intellectual disabilities can enjoy our educational games as well.

#3. Making it available to everyone

With a wide range of courses, available on all devices, we have students across India and the world. To ensure affordability various subscription options and payment options are available. A free trial is available, prior to the purchase.

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My son is using Edqueries since a year or more… I must say that it is a brilliantly made software for children with special needs. My son learned lots of concepts through this software, especially English grammar, number’s place value etc. 

Its easy to use interface keep his interest alive and he is always ready to do the activities in it.

I would recommend every parent to try this software once.

From a parent in Gujarat

I am remedial educator. I am using EdQueries games and activities for my students. It is very interactive and useful to make the concepts clear. Students are enjoying it and also learning a lot. 

Thank you EdQueries. 

Poonam Suryavanshi