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Identifying objects, lines, shapes and letters

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This course about identifying lines, identifying shapes and letters has been divided into the following topics:

Identifying objects:

The activities in this topic are about matching an object to another similar object so that the child is able to visualize and process the similarities and differences between various objects. 

It also helps the child to learn the meaning of questions. For example, the student will learn about the meaning of the word “match” and matching skills.

Apart from the activities to be done in this E-learning software, an activity has also been provided for home work. 

Some activities have audio instructions while others don’t. Where audio instructions are not available, the parent/instructor should prompt the child to “Match” and demonstrate matching. 

Identify lines and shapes:

Match line drawings helps the child to focus on distinguishing between various lines and curves. This provides the prerequisite skill for decoding letter shapes. 

The goal is to prepare the child to be able to identify the letter shapes related to sounds. Activities in this course can be blended with learning from books with identifying shapes worksheets.

Identifying pairs of letters:

Matching identical pairs of letters helps the child differentiate between the differences and similarities among pair of letters. This will help the child to process and analyse visually, two letters joined together. Child will be now trained to visually discriminated group of alphabetical letters.