CATEGORY: Maths Level 0: Counting, Shapes, Patterns, Size, Money, Comparison, Same & Different

Classify Same or Different

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

‘Place in the correct category’ and ‘similar things’ are the topics in this E-Learning course. Students can use the various educational games and interactive worksheets to learn these while having fun.

This course is suitable for all students.

Whether the student is attending online classes, attending school, home schooling or just wants to have fun while learning, this course should meet the need. 

For students with Special Needs

Since EdQueries E-Learning content is also used by students with Special needs, the content has been created with careful consideration of Special needs. For students with special needs, the content has been chunked into small portion and the games have been kept short. Background sounds have been kept minimal and there are no unnecessary visuals. These will help minimize distractions. Font sizes are large. Students with AHD,ADD, Autism, other Intellectual disabilities and those with Learning disabilities will find it easier to learn form this E-Learning course.

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