Special Education


  • Incidence of Learning disabilities and ASD is increasing
  • Limited availability and access to Special Educators
  • Learning Plans are paper-based, hence progress has to be manually tracked.
  • Evidence of progress and goal completion is tough to monitor
  • Limited content specific to Special Education
  • Autism itself is a spectrum and can be associated with other problems
  • Myriad variations means one type of content doesn’t fit all needs. Hence each child needs different content

THE EdQueries APPROACH TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM                                                                                                 

  • Digital transformation using a Learning Management System
  • Empowers Special Educators with the latest technology and e-learning concepts
  • Uses the Learning Plan built by the Special Educator as the basis for learning
  • Create content personalized to needs of a child
  • Create a library of content
  • Make learning fun


  • Individualized learning
  • Content selection by Special Educators ensures that it meets the need of students with ASD and Learning disabilities
  • All content tied up to the Learning Plan
  • Content based on CBSE and NIOS curricula
  • Interface for interaction between parent and Special Educator
  • Variety of material to provide choice
  • Assignments to make children work independently

Benefits for the Parent and Student

  • Get content specific to the needs of the child, selected by your Special Educator
  • Get content which is tied up to the child’s Learning Plan
  • Student has fun learning while playing games
  • Each achievement of the student is celebrated with Badges and Level Up
  • View detailed reports of the plan’s progress
  • Collaborate with the teacher
  • Use the content any time ,any where(Desktop, laptop, Tablet, Phone; Android, Windows or Apple)

Benefits for the Teacher

  • Build Learning Plans online
  • Use content specific to the Learning Plan across courses i.e. use Student’ s plan based content rather than Grade 3 Math and Grade 1 English.
  • Track progress of Learning Plan in real-time(Goals automatically updated as child completes games and activities)
  • Choose games and activities specific to the child’s needs
  • Give homework
  • Reach students beyond your city