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This page has a list of all the English courses containing educational games for learning English and related interactive worksheets. There are a lot of fun activities for children to learn English easily. Adults can also use the lessons to learn English. Start from a course which the student is very comfortable with and then gradually, progress to the next courses.

English Level 0

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Identifying objects, lines, shapes and letters

In this online English course, students have to identify lines, shapes and letters. Various educational games and interactive activities are available in the course to make learning fun.
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Featured image of Hammer in Tool lesson in English Vocabulary 4 course

English Vocabulary 4

This online course about English Vocabulary has interactive activities and educational games related to tools and vehicles.
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Featured image of the Sight words course

Sight Words

This course has various games and activities related to Sight words. Students practice various Sight words and memorize them using a variety of educational games.

English Level 1

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Featured image of Sight words phrases and sentences course

Sight words phrases and sentences

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Reading Comprehension Level 1

English Level 2

English Level 3

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Conjunctions and Articles

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Punctuation and Capitalization

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Featured image of the 'Opposites' course


This course has a 'Listen and Learn' activity about opposites and some educational games about opposites.
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Featured image of the 'Verbs' course


This course has various educational games and interactive worksheets related to Verbs. Some activities are about sentences with verbs.

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