Life Skills courses

This is a list of Life skills courses which cover ADL, money, shopping, time and other life skills with educational games and interactive worksheets.

Start with activities which the student already knows and gradually move on to other courses.

Life skills courses are best utilized by blending these activities with real world activities. Activities of daily living can be done at home. For money and shopping related activities, you may want to talk about these educational games when a related task is performed so that the student may recollect how it was done in these courses.

You may also want to complete some of the courses from other categories such as Maths and English. For example, if the student is finding the money related course difficult, it could be useful to quickly revise the counting ,addition and subtraction courses.

Rs.199 ( also available with some subscriptions)


This course has various educational games related to shopping such as payment by cash and card, finding the cheapest item, locating items in a super store, expiry date and getting the change.

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