Communication Skills courses

Communication skills courses given below cover various aspects of communication. Using educational games and interactive worksheets, these courses make learning a fun activity.

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Expressive Communication

This online course contains lessons about communication involving facial expressions and using words and sentences.

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Screenshot from an educational game about receptive communication

Receptive Communication

This online course covers topics such as initiating conversations, following directions and comprehending.

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Screenshot of an educational game about Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication implies conveying information without words. In this course, children learn and understand how to communicate and derive information through facial expressions, body gestures and visuals. Various games and worksheets have been included in the course to improve the thinking skills of students.

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Screenshot from an educational game related to Social communication

Social Communication

This online course is about good manners and proper usage of language for communication in various social circumstances.

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Listening communication online course

Listening Communication

In this the student has to listen and select the next word and listen and give an answer.These games will improve listening skills.

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