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This page lists the online Hindi courses available in EdQueries.com E-Learning platform. All the Hindi courses have simple educational games and live worksheets. Students will have fun learning Hindi during courses. More content is being added regularly. Subscribe to this blog about EdQueries content to know about the latest content.

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Screenshot of select all the matching Hindi letters: Hindi varnamala or Hindi alphabet game

Hindi Alphabet वर्णमाला

This online course of Hindi aims to help students learn and memorize Hindi Alphabets with the help of interesting exercises and activities. All the vowels and consonants are covered under this online Hindi varnamala course.

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Hindi vocabulary activity listen and learn colours

Hindi Vocabulary

This online Hindi course teaches students about the basic vocabulary words in Hindi through various interactive worksheets like listen and learn, matching and multiple educational games. Learn Hindi vocabulary related to food, colours, nature, shapes, school, days and counting in Hindi in a fun and easy way.

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