Have a question about the E-Learning software? Want to know what’s the best way to use the software? Read this document. Still have some questions or need more details? Drop a mail to customer.support@edqueries.com or fill this form.

Does the subscription cover all devices?

Yes, the subscription allows you to use the software on any device. The E-Learning software can be accessed on desktop, laptop or any mobile device such as iPad, iPhone, Android phone or Tab.

I have some suggestions. How can i share them with you?

If its specific to a course, you can fill the feedback form provided in the course. You can fill it as many times as you like.
You can send general feedback to customer.support@edqueries.com or fill this form.

What is a Learning Plan?

A Learning Plan is a list of all the learning activities to be completed in a specific period of time. It is usually prepared by a Special Educator.

In the EdQueries E-Learning software every game or activity is tied up to a particular competency, which in turn is part of a Learning Plan. So, when the child completes a set of games and activities the competency is automatically marked complete.

The Learning Plan helps the Special Educator monitor the progress and plan the next steps in the learning process.

Is this an app?

The EdQueries E-Learning software is an environment where the parent, child and the Special Educator can work together and ensure that the child is continuously learning.

Based on a Learning Plan created by the Special Educator, games and activities are provided to the child. As the child plays the games, the plan monitors learning.

To the extent that its available on a mobile app, its an app; but where it differs from other approaches is that it allows for the Special Educator and parent to get involved.

How can my Special Educator be involved?

The Special Educator can login into the system and monitor progress of each student. The students related to the Special Educator are connected to the Special Educator so that only those students are visible to him/her.

I have a Learning Plan for my child. Can it be added to the software?

Yes. The topics in the Learning Plan can be converted to competencies and added to the software.

Which course should I begin with?

We suggest that you begin with a course with a course which your child is likely to complete easily. This would allow your child to get familiar with the various game patterns in the software and the joy of winning would also be useful to get the child to play more games.

The Level up badges would also encourage the child to continue. The parent or Special Educator can congratulate the child on reaching the next level. Your child would soon understand that its something to be proud of.