English Level 0: Table of contents

English Level 0

Course: Identifying objects, lines, shapes and letters

Course: English Alphabet

Course: English Vocabulary 1

Course: English Vocabulary 2:Categories,combinations,birds, food, vegetables,furniture and rooms

Course: English Vocabulary 3: Shapes, nature & landforms,toys,things at home,things used for learning

Course: English Vocabulary 4: Tools, vehicles, computers

Course: English Vocabulary 5

Course: Sight words

Course Content

Sight Words: Beginners
Sight Words Set 2
Sight Words Set 3
Sight Words Set 4
Sight Words Set 5
Sight Words Set 6
Sight Words Set 7
Sight Words Set 8
Sight words Set 9
Sight words Set 10
Sight Words Set 11
Sight words:Mixed

English Level 1

English Level 2

English Level 3