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Yes, excessive screen time usage is a cause for concern and parents and teachers must be careful not to exceed the recommended screen time.

Read this document Screentime-Guidelines-for-Parents-Ch-005.pdf (iapindia.org) created by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics. This document was published in April 2021. According to this article, children below 2 years must not be exposed to any screen time( except the occasional video call with relatives), for children between 2 to 5 years of age the recommended screen time limit is 1 hour in a day. For older children, the screen time must be balanced with other important activities like outdoor play time, adequate sleep time, family time etc.

So, E-learning time with EdQueries should be used within the recommended limits.

You can consult a local Pediatrician or doctor to find out what is the latest guidance about screen time limits and usage based on your child’s age.

However, as the document mentions there are also advantages of certain types of online activities such as E-Learning. EdQueries.com has been created with guidance of Special Educators to ensure that its suitable for usage for children and adults with various special needs such as Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Learning Disabilities such as Dyslexia. Students with Visual and Hearing impairment have also used EdQueries.com. Whether the student has special needs or not, the lessons/games provided in EdQueries.com E-Learning have been developed with the following main considerations:

  • Concepts are broken down into small chunks
  • All lessons/games are of a very short duration
  • Animations are kept to the minimal amount required to allow for interactivity
  • Audio is also minimal
  • Images are high contrast and of good resolution

Educational software like EdQueries.com, is also useful as a replacement of video games and movies; to ensure that any screen usage is beneficial.

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