Maths Level 0: Counting, Shapes, Patterns, Size, Money, Comparison, Same & Different

Comparing More or Less

This course has games which required students to look at pictures at find out which picture has more items or which picture has lees items. In some pictures, students don’t have to count the items but visually estimate whether the items are more or less compared to other picture. In the other game, students have …

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Classify Same or Different

‘Place in the correct category’ and ‘similar things’ are the topics in this E-Learning course. Students can use the various educational games and interactive worksheets to learn these while having fun. This course is suitable for all students. Whether the student is attending online classes, attending school, home schooling or just wants to have fun …

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Screenshot of an interactive activity from the Money course


This course covers the following topics: Identification of money Addition of money


Numbers from 1-10, numbers from 1-20, numbers from 1-50 and numbers from 50-100 are the topics covered in this course. This course has various educational games and interactive worksheets related to E-learning of Counting in the Maths category. Types of Educational games Various types of educational games have been provided in this E-Learning course for …

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