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The shapes treasure hunt

A treasure hunt game has been added to the ‘Shapes’ course. This game helps the student learn about 2D shapes.

It has 2 levels. The first level has one shape amongst other objects. The second level has 2 shapes amongst various objects. The student has to select 1 shape on every screen in both the levels.

To try this game, click on the ‘Free trial’ button on the home page of or go to .

Existing subscribers can go to the ‘Shapes course to play this game.

The ‘Shapes’ course is available to subscribers of the following:

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Spot the planets

Today we added some simple activities/games for children with Special needs to help them understand the Solar system.

This topic is part of the NIOS as well as other curricula such as C.B.S.E.

As with other games and activities these are related to a competency,which in turn can be associated to the student’s learning plan.

These are the games/activities added:

1. Spot it game: Solar system

In this game the student has to touch ( on iPad, Other Tablet devices and any other device supporting touch ) or click ( using mouse ) the planet to answer the question.

The game is short and there is no time limit. It supports unlimited attempts. If the child has difficulty reading, the child can listen to the question. The question is repeated if the child touches or hovers over the text.

If the child touches the wrong planet, the software shows the correct answer with a short explanation.

2. Fill in the blanks

This is simple activity where the child has to drag the right answer to fill in the blanks.

Three choices are provided. Once again the game is short, has no time limit and allows unlimited attempts.

This topic about the Solar system is currently added to the Environmental Science course series.

Follow this blog if you are interested in knowing about the latest games and activities being added to the EdQueries E-learning site.

For a free trial or demo,please fill in the form on the Contact page.

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Learning punctuation

As part of the English Reading series, we have created a simple game to teach the usage of the question mark and period (full stop).

As with all our games and activities,the games are:

  • Small in duration, with 5-6 screens
  • Allow multiple attempts
  • Have plain background with minimal sounds; to minimize distractions
  • Appreciation is provided after each correct answer

The game works on all devices.

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Did you know? Multiple devices are supported by the EdQueries E-Learning software.

The EdQueries E-learning subscription allows you to use the E-Learning software on any device.

iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile or Tab can be used. On the device the software can be used with the Mobile app or with a browser such as Google Chrome or Safari.

This provides multiple usage options as each child may have a different preference.

This also helps when you are travelling and want to use another device. The mobile app allows offline use, so that you can use the activities even when there is no internet connection.

So, use it on one or all device at home. Your choice. Rather, let the student choose!