Identify half hour on clock

Learn how to tell the time on a clock: Identify thirty minutes

A new interactive activity or educational game has been added. This is yet another activity which will help students learn how to tell time on a clock. This is one amongst the several activities or educational games available for parents and teachers looking for a learning the clock worksheet. Learning the time clock faces can …

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Screenshot of an educational maze game

Mazes as educational games

As we continue building e-learning courses and interactive worksheets for our students, we constantly try to introduce more educational games which children will enjoy ( our experience tells us that our adult students also enjoy games). Recently, we have been working on creating Mazes. Typically, mazes involve starting from one corner of the maze, navigating …

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New site for EdQueries

Welcome to the new site of EdQueries. It has a brand new design. With all the courses and educational games of EdQueries. With a FAQ list With a blog that keeps you up to date with all the new features,courses and games in EdQueries. So,subscribe to this blog and keep coming back!

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