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Counting: Educational games and activities

There are several educational games and interactive worksheet activities focused on Counting in EdQueries.com. Actually, counting is one of the most requested topic. The ‘Counting’ course in EdQueries.com has activities which make learning about counting, fun. Whether it is counting for kids or counting math activities for preschoolers, students are more likely to learn if the activities are fun to play. Also, a large variety of activities is required.

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Counting for kids or adults is basically addressing the following:

  1. Knowing the sequence of numbers
  2. Knowing the concept of what is a count

The sequence of numbers is knowing about 1,2,3,4 and so, on. This sequence itself can be chunked into smaller segments:

  • Counting 1-5
  • Counting 1-10
  • Counting 10-50
  • Counting 1-50
  • Counting 1-100

Any such segmentation, helps simplify the task of learning the sequence. The ‘Counting’ course has few such sections and appropriate educational games in it. E.g. In the video given below there is a game called ‘Drag the stone game’. In this game, there are a series of stones placed in sequence. The student has to drag the next stone in the sequence to allow the boy to jump. In case the wrong stone is placed, the software speaks out and shows the correct answer. Multiple attempts are allowed. So that by playing the game repeatedly, students learn the counting sequence.

For teaching the concept of counting, there are educational games where the student has to place the correct number of items on a table or box. Alternatively, the student has to count the number of items on a given object(s), such as dice and select the correct number. Several such games are there in the ‘Counting’ course:

  • Counting blocks
  • counting dots on dice
  • counting tally marks
  • counting coins
  • counting teddy bears
  • counting toys
  • counting fruit

Educational games about counting

Here are some more counting activities:

Counting: Count the apples
Count the Teddy bears

Count and match

This activity can be blended with other activities in books, used in the classroom or at home. Counting actual objects such as coins, blocks ,dice and toys are just some of the activities which can be tried.

Along with this course, students can play educational games in any of these courses:

Featured image of the Learn Counting course. The course has educational games for learning counting.

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Numbers from 1-10, numbers from 1-20, numbers from 1-50 and numbers from 50-100 are the topics covered in this course.


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‘Place in the correct category’ and ‘similar things’ are the topics in this E-Learning course. Students can use the various educational games and interactive worksheets to learn these while having fun.

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Compare Bigger and Smaller, More or Less

This course has games which required students to look at pictures at find out which picture has more or less items or which object is bigger.



This online Maths course teaches students about various shapes including some 3D shapes. Various interactive activities and educational games such as a treasure hunt of shapes are used to make learning fun.



In this online Maths course students learn about size. Students learn about comparing sizes to select the longest, tallest and the heaviest item.



In this online Maths course, students have to identify patterns and remove the odd-one-out.



This online course about money has various educational games about identification of money, addition of money and shopping using notes and coins.

These courses are available when you subscribe to any of the following products:

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