Featured image of the 'Plurals' course showing singular and plural images


This is an educational game or interactive worksheet about Plurals. In this game, the student has to select the correct label for the picture and drag it on to the picture. There are three labels provided as options to choose. There is a singular, a plural and a misspelt word.

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This helps students to learn about singular and plural words. The activity focusses only on very simple plural words so that students understand the pattern generally used to convert the singular to the plural word.

There are other activities available in the ‘Plurals‘ course.

(Note that this was previously included in a course called ‘English Grammar 1 which included other topics such as Opposites and Prepositions. That course has been removed and it’s content has been moved to separate course.

This activity can be blended with other activities in books, used in the classroom or at home. Singular Plural concept can also be taught using actual objects and asking the student to use the correct word for it.

Along with this course, students can play educational games in any of these courses:

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English Vocabulary 5

In this course, students learn words to enhance their vocabulary. The words are about animals, flowers, vehicles,musical instruments etc.

Featured image of the 'Plurals' course showing singular and plural images


With pictures and words based activities, students learn about singular and plural words in this course.

Featured image of the 'Verbs' course


This course has various educational games and interactive worksheets related to Verbs. Some activities are about sentences with verbs.

Screenshot of an activity in the Reading Comprehension course in EdQueries.com

Reading Comprehension Level 1

Under this online English course of reading comprehension, one can learn how to approach and read sentences, passages and stories in the correct manner. The course also includes topics related to arranging images and sentences to help students learn the correct sequence.

Featured image of Sight words phrases and sentences course

Sight words phrases and sentences

Students can understand and learn sight word phrases and sentences in this online English course. Various sets of sight word sentences and interesting worksheets like fill in the blanks, form a sentence and more are included here to make learning simple and fun. One can practice ‘Sight Words’ course given under ‘English Level 0’ before this to have better understanding of the concept.

Screenshot of an educational game in Spellings 1 course

Spellings 1

Learning and memorizing spellings of words has been made simple through this online English course. Multiple sets of spellings and games like jumbled letters, find the words and more are included under this course to help students remember the spellings.

Screenshot of an educational game in CVC words course

CVC words

CVC words mean consonant-vowel-consonant words. In this online English course, consonant words with a, i and e are covered using informational worksheets, activities and educational games.

Featured image of Puzzles course

Blends and Digraphs

This online course of English aims to help students learn and understand the concept of consonant blends and digraphs. Consonant Blends: Beginning of words, Consonant Blends: Ending of words and Diagraphs Game are the topics made available here in the form of interactive exercises and educational activities.

Featured image of Hammer in Tool lesson in English Vocabulary 4 course

English Vocabulary 4: Tools, vehicles, computers

This online course about English Vocabulary has interactive activities and educational games related to tools and vehicles.

Book as Featured image of English Vocabulary 3 course

English Vocabulary 3: Shapes, nature & landforms,toys,things at home,things used for learning

Under this online English course of vocabulary, one can learn and memorize English words easily. Students can take part in interesting activities and games to learn words related to toys, shapes, nature and landforms and things at home.

A dictionary page as featured image of English Vocabulary 2 course

English Vocabulary 2:Categories,combinations,birds, food, vegetables,furniture and rooms

Learning and remembering vocabulary words has been made simple through this online English course. Students can understand and learn different words and types of birds, food, vegetables, furniture and rooms in this course. Multiple worksheets and educational games like jigsaw puzzles are made available to enhance the memory skills of students.

Letters of the English Alphabet as featured image of English Alphabet course

English Alphabet

This online English course teaches students the letters of English alphabet through various interactive worksheets and educational games such as treasure hunt game and matching letters to help identify letters, both capital and small.

Featured image of the 'Opposites' course


This course has a ‘Listen and Learn’ activity about opposites and some educational games about opposites.

Screenshot from an educational game in Punctuation and capitalization course

Punctuation and Capitalization

Using this online English course, students can learn to identify and use capital letter words and punctuations like exclamation mark, full stop, question mark and more. Learning is made easy and fun for students through activities and punctuation & capitalization games under this course.

Screenshot of an educational game from Conjunctions and Articles course

Conjunctions and Articles

This course primarily focuses on the usage of conjunctions in English with the help of activities and exercises. Moreover, an activity related to articles has also been included where the student is required to drag the correct article in front of a particular word.



Learn and understand the different prepositions and the usage of right preposition in a sentence through interesting games and worksheets. Listen and learn, find the words and selection games are the subtopics included here to make this course simple and easy.



This online English course teaches students about identification of adverbs in a sentence and their usage. One can learn the concept of adverbs using multiple educational games and activities here. The pre-requisites to the course have also been specified clearly.



Understanding various adjectives has been made simple through this online English course. Students can take part in various interesting exercises including matching, select the adjective, fill in the blanks, listen and learn and more to learn the usage of adjectives easily.



This online course helps students understand the concept of pronouns and how to use correct pronouns in a sentence. Games and activities like matching, fill in the blanks, find the pronouns and more have been covered here to make learning easy and fun.

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