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Educational game about money: Arrange from smallest to largest

In this simple educational game about Money, students have to arrange the money in correct sequence. The student has to drag each picture and set all the pictures in the right order.

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You can play this game right here. Go ahead, give it a try.

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This course has various educational games related to shopping such as payment by cash and card, finding the cheapest item, locating items in a super store, expiry date and getting the change.
Subscription required
Featured image of the Learn Counting course. The course has educational games for learning counting.

Learn Counting

Numbers from 1-10, numbers from 1-20, numbers from 1-50 and numbers from 50-100 are the topics covered in this course.
Subscription required

Classify Same or Different

‘Place in the correct category’ and ‘similar things’ are the topics in this E-Learning course. Students can use the various educational games and interactive worksheets to learn these while having fun.
Subscription required
Featured image of the course Compare bigger and smaller, more or less

Compare Bigger and Smaller, More or Less

This course has games which required students to look at pictures at find out which picture has more or less items or which object is bigger.
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This online Maths course teaches students about various shapes including some 3D shapes. Various interactive activities and educational games such as a treasure hunt of shapes are used to make learning fun.
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In this online Maths course students learn about size. Students learn about comparing sizes to select the longest, tallest and the heaviest item.
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In this online Maths course, students have to identify patterns and remove the odd-one-out.
Subscription required


This online course about money has various educational games about identification of money, addition of money and shopping using notes and coins.
Subscription required

Days, Months and Calendar

Subscription required

Numbers: Before and After

Subscription required

Addition upto 10

In this course about addition upto 10, there are various activities and games related to addition. There are counting games, typing games, word problems and matching games.
Subscription required

Subtraction upto 5

This course has educational games about subtraction upto 5. Subtraction with pictures, with pictures and numbers and word problems are included.
Subscription required

Addition without carry over

In this online Maths course, students learn about addition without having to carry over any numbers.
Subscription required

Ascending and Descending Order

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