Select all living things activity

New lesson: Select all the living things

A new lesson named ‘Select all the living things’ has been added to the course ‘Environmental Studies 1’.

In this simple, interactive activity, the student has to look at the pictures displayed and select all the living things.

A ‘Retry’ button allows the student to play again. There is no limit on the number of tries.

A ‘Show solution’ button displays the correct answers.

Try the activity now. Go ahead, click the pictures and then click the ‘Check’ button.

Many more of this type of lessons will be added soon, if we get positive feedback from parents and teachers. This type of game could be used in various courses. E.g. the vocabulary courses could ask the student to select all the pictures displaying tables. The counting courses in Maths could ask the student to select all the pictures which show 5 items.

However, this type of lesson doesn’t have audio support unlike the majority of our lessons. So, in case the student can’t read the question, a parent or teacher would have to help.

We can add many more such lessons, based on feedback from parents and teachers. So, try this activity and leave a comment.

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Our Helpers

This online Science course teaches students about different helpers of the society and how to identify them on the basis of their work or profession through interactive exercises and educational games.

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Parts of the body

This online course helps students learn and identify different parts of the body. Games and activities like selection, listen and learn, labelling and more have been covered here to make learning easy and fun.

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Environmental Studies 1:Living & non-living,animals,human body, transport and days&months

Learning the basic components of environmental studies has been made simple through this online Science course. The topics covered under this course are transport, days and months, living and non-living things, animals and human body. Students can take part in various activities and games including selection, find the words, jigsaw puzzles, matching, fill in the blanks and more to learn easily.

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Screenshot from an educational game in an Environmental studies course related to Solar system

Environmental Studies 2:Solar system,Birds,Family,Festivals

Under this Science course, one can learn about solar system, birds, family and kinship, Indian festivals, important dates, national symbols and animals, plants and their products. Multiple worksheets and interesting puzzles are made available in the course for better understanding of the concepts.

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Environmental studies course: Frog life cycle

Environmental Studies 3: Houses, Life cycles,Water,Plants

Learn about the types of houses, clothes, sources of water, life cycles and plants through this interesting online course. Games like typing game & drag the label and multiple activities are included here to make this course simple.

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Environmental Studies 4: World around us, up in the sky, landforms, matter & forces

This online Science course focuses on teaching about the things present in the sky like the sun, moon etc. and the world around us using various true false activities and interactive exercises.

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